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Bionics has your solution.

Our staff and resources are focused on a single objective: to create the best possible orthosis or prosthesis to meet your unique needs. We start by developing a deep understanding of you and your condition. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your Bionics solution works right and enhances your quality of life. But that's only the beginning.

Bionics stays with you for the long term, helping you maintain your quality of life for years to come. No other O&P provider in San Diego can match Bionics' commitment to patient well-being.


How the process works:

>  Prompt patient consultation at the most convenient location

>  Thorough patient assessment, including analysis of capabilities, need and product alternatives

>  Consultation with patient on coverage and benefits

>  Billing the patients' primary and secondary insurance companies

>  Patient education and assistance

>  Detailed and continual follow up


  • Lower extremity orthoses

    • Foot orthoses

    • Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO)

    • Knee-ankle-foot orthoses (KAFO)

    • Knee orthoses (KO)

    • Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthoses (HKAFO)

    • Hip abduction orthoses

  • Upper Extremity Orthoses

    • Shoulder abduction orthoses

    • Elbow-wrist-hand orthoses (EWHO)

    • Wrist-hand orthoses (WHO)

  • Spinal Orthoses

    • Cervical Orthoses

    • Lumbo-sacral orthoses (LSO)

    • Thoraco-lumbo-sacral orthoses (TLSO)

    • Halos

    • Body jackets

    • Scoliosis orthoses

  • Fracture Bracing

  • ROM Orthosis

  •   Lower extremity prostheses

    • Above-knee (transfemoral, hip or knee disarticulation) prostheses, including microprocessing knees, multiple types of socket designs, and all models of feet

    • Below-knee (transtibial) prostheses including microprocessing feet, vacuum assist, and multiple types of socket design

    • Partial- or full- foot prostheses

  •   Upper extremity prostheses

    • Above and below elbow prostheses, including shoulder and elbow disarticulation

    • Myoelectrics 

    • Partial hand

    • Digital (fingers)

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